All the songs on the other music sites sound the same?

It’s time to discover the variety of 10,000+ indie and cinematic songs for corporate projects, indie films, and weddings.

Plus Mainstream Music?

For wedding videos only, get access to Top 40 artists like Ed Sheeran and major soundtrack composers like Hans Zimmer.

No Nonsense Video.

Check out our nonsense free video hosting. No arbitrary takedowns, just high quality playback.

Pricing Made Simple.

Free Fyrfly Video Player

1 Year Free Video Player Trial


Free… Yep

That’s right! One year, no charge. No credit card necessary. Just enjoy the awesomeness that is the Fyrfly Video Player. After a year you can either become a full member or walk away. If you walk away your videos live on. See our FAQ’s or reach out for more details but we want it to be pretty straight forward.

Unlimited 4k Video Hosting/Playback

No tracking how many GB’s you’ve uploaded this week/month or worrying about going over a cap.. Just upload what you want when you want. Get it done son!

Pure Playback Technology

Lower compression than the other guys is a good start but what most filmmakers love is the lack of color and brightness alteration upon upload. If you just spent 40 hours color grading and your video platform messed with your reds you should consider driving to their building to TP it…or you can just use Fyrfly.

Safe and Secure Hosting

We work with Amazon (ever heard of it?) via their AWS division to ensure your beautiful works of art are in a safe place. We will be adding a seamless double backup via their Glacier product later on.

No Arbitrary Take-downs

Did you ever upload a video to a hosting service using a song you licensed and the video still got flagged for copyright infringement? Yeah, that’s dumb. We don’t do the “guilty until proven innocent” thing around here. Just license the music you use and make sure the work you upload is your own (or you have permission to use someone else’s) and we will be bff’s.

Do Stuff

Embed your videos on your website, set them to ‘public’, ‘unlisted’, or ‘password protected’ to share a link, or set to ‘private’. Decide if you want others to be able to download your videos or turn that off at any time. Choose your own custom thumbnail, tracks views, and other fun stuff. It just works folks.

Fyrfly Membership

Unlimited Music & Unlimited Video

Only $8.34/month

*billed annually ($100/yr)

Fyrfly Video Player

All of the amazing stuff included in the Fyrfly Video Player; Unlimited 4k Video Hosting/Playback, Pure Playback Technology, Safe And Secure Hosting, and No Arbitrary Take-downs. See the Free Fyrfly Video Player description and/or the FAQ’s for more details.

Unlimited Indie and Cinematic Music

Over 10,000 curated indie and cinematic songs available for use in videos or slideshows for weddings, life events, real estate videos, corporate projects, or independent films. See FAQ’s and/or User Agreement for more details…or just contact us with questions.

Access to Mainstream Music

Get access to hundreds of thousands of mainstream songs for only $25/use. These are known on the site as Premium songs and they are currently only available for usage with wedding and life events and are limited to use by companies located in the United States. See the FAQ’s, User Agreement, and/or contact us for more info.


Music Supervisors ready to help you find the perfect song. They are also piecing together and updating featured playlists to help you narrow down your searches. Time is money for all of us, so finding that perfect song faster is key.

More Stuff on its Way

Cool and helpful things like a sound effects library, first access to upgrades on video features, and upgrades to music curation are on their way! If you have any suggestions on how to enhance your experience please let us know.